About Us

Retirement Resorts is a service of Senior Hospitality International.


We serve Seniors by providing an online guide to outstanding communities “Where Boredom is Almost Impossible® and where they can enjoy “Retirement Living at its Healthiest®.

We do not own or manage any communities. We are a completely independent, objective, impartial organization, devoted to serving Seniors.


Far too many Seniors struggle with boredom – a silent disease that can destroy body, mind, soul & spirit.


We do this…

by searching the world for communities that focus on providing their residents a Healthy Senior Lifestyle;

by recognizing those communities as Retirement Resorts; and by providing an online guide to The World’s Healthiest Retirement Lifestyles.™ 


If you live or work at an exceptional community anywhere in the world that is focused on providing residents a Healthy Retirement Lifestyle, we would be most grateful if you would let us know about it. Click our NOMINATION page to notify us.

Keesey Hayward

J. Keesey Hayward
CEO Senior Hospitality International

Serving Seniors Never Grows OldTM

I’ve had the privilege on spending most of my first 18 years in South Africa where my parents served as missionaries. This laid the foundation of a unique perspective on the world and a desire to serve God by serving people, especially the older generation. It is written of Jesus that “he came not to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mt. 20:28). What better example could we have to follow?

For almost thirty years, I have been involved in the Senior Hospitality industry – serving Seniors and Senior-oriented Communities. Our motto, Serving Seniors Never Grows Old™ is true because “buyers remorse” is almost non-existent – if Retirement Resort residents have any regrets, it’s that they didn’t move in sooner! What other product or industry can you say that about?

It is our sincere hope and prayer that you will enjoy the adventure of exploring the amazing Retirement Resorts featured here, that you will discover the perfect one for you, and that you will enjoy a long & healthy life there!

PS. Once you successfully find your ideal Retirement Resort, please send me a note – the Senior Hospitality Intl. team would love to hear your story of exploration and discovery, and how you are enjoying Retirement Living at its Healthiest®.

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One Service-Level

Independent Living (I.L.) only

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Two Service-Levels

I.L. plus one Healthcare Service-Level (such as Assisted Living Services, Nursing Care Services, or Memory Care Services)

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Three Service-Levels

I.L. plus two Healthcare Service-Levels

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Four Service-Levels

I.L. plus three Healthcare Service-Levels