A. The definition of the English word Resort is: “a place to which people go for rest, relaxation, recreation, help, relief, aid, service and support.”

The definition of a Retirement Resort is therefore “a place to which people retire for rest, relaxation, recreation, help, relief, aid, service and support.”

Just as the best places to ski, golf, fish, play tennis, and leave your pet for the weekend are ski resorts, golf resorts, fishing resorts, tennis resorts, and pet resorts, Retirement Resorts are recognized by Senior Hospitality International as the best places to retire as they are communities Where Boredom is Almost Impossible® and they are able to provide Retirement Living at its Healthiest.®

A. Everyone has a unique timetable, but here is some advice to consider:

    It is never too early to start searching for your ideal Retirement Resort. Every community has a unique set of pros & cons, contract options, fee structures and refund plans – there is a lot to learn and compare. Narrow down your options to your Top 3 and visit as many as you can. Some offer free “Staycations” to serious prospects.
    It is also never too early to join waitlists at your Top 3 Retirement Resorts. Some communities have very long waitlists, so join them long before you’re ready to move in. Most waitlists have a 100% cancellation refund.
    Visit your top 3 Retirement Resorts often – meals, concerts, special events, etc. and get to know which one “fits” you best.
    These are two signals that you’re ready! Remember, Life is Healthier Among Friends
    The longer you wait the more fun you’ll miss!

A. No, there is no fee for recognition, and all communities receive a free Standard Profile Listing on this website. In addition, communities are not charged referral fees for new residents they may receive from our services.

Senior Hospitality International is an independent, objective and impartial organization that does not own or operate any Retirement Resorts. Its mission is to serve Seniors by letting them know about communities able to provide The World’s Healthiest Retirement Lifestyles™.

While Retirement Resort recognition and a Standard Profile Listing is provided free of charge, some member communities choose to support our mission by selecting the optional paid Premium Profile Listing. These fees are flexible according to the geographical location of the community being certified so that they are affordable to all.

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One Service-Level

Independent Living (I.L.) only

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Two Service-Levels

I.L. plus one Healthcare Service-Level (such as Assisted Living Services, Nursing Care Services, or Memory Care Services)

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Three Service-Levels

I.L. plus two Healthcare Service-Levels

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Four Service-Levels

I.L. plus three Healthcare Service-Levels